Month: March 2012

Cell Phone Unlocking: an insider’s story

Mobile phone unlocking codes are completely legal to obtain and use. That is, in essence, what your network provider doesn’t want you to know. Mobile phones are locked by carriers in order to keep your business, that’s the only reason – networks will defend this position by telling you that they provide subsidised handsets and recoup the cash by locking phones to their network.

How to get a Samsung Galaxy Unlock Code

The Samsung Galaxy has become largely popular in all its variations, meaning people on all networks want to get a good deal on the sought after smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy’s popularity can be pinned to the fact it runs on the Android platform, which is one of the most popular and widely used platforms, in close competition with Apple’s IOS software. One of the wining features most have found with the Samsung Galaxy however is the quality of the handset’s high resolution wide screen, making it a favourite among smartphone users worldwide.