Month: February 2012

Unlock Codes; Are They Legal?

Breaking something that is intended to be officially used by a legitimate business entity might seem illegal. After all, other cases of “breaking”, such as hacking are considered a criminal offense. But as negative as it sounds, using unlock codes to free a mobile phone from a particular network provider is completely safe from the law’s perspective.

Cell Phone Unlocking: [video]

Regardless of whether you want to unlock a mobile phone from any network operator around the world there are several different types of unlocks depending on the phone model you wish to unlock. The choices you have are: visit an unlocking shop that will plug your handset into a computer with special unlocking software and force the phone to be unlocked.

How do I get the network unlocking code for my mobile?

The reason for this question is typically somebody is trying to use a SIM card other than that provided by the network operator who provided the phone. Network operators sell their mobile phones at a much reduced rate in order to entice customers into a contract of typically 12 or 18 months. In practice what the operator is doing is adding the cost of the cell phone into the monthly contract charge for the service. This is why they put in place restriction codes to ensure that the mobile phone cannot be used with another carrier while they recoup its initial cost.

Unlocking Cell Phones: is this legal?

In the USA in 2006 the DMCA created an exemption which Allow You to Unlock Cell Phone legally. Up to this point unlocking a mobile was considered an infringement of the carrier’s rights. Carriers often exploited this situation and forced users to pay enormous fees to unlock their device or be forced to discard their phone and buy a new one.